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1831: Boero begins its history in the world of coating, from a small white-lead factory in Genova. The founder, Bartolomeo Boero, gets into the market developing the importance of the esthetical aspect (beauty) integrated with the fundamental protective function of paint; this is why the swan has been chosen as brand symbol.
In just a few years, experience together with passion and strategic vicinity to the sea lead to the development of an anticorrosive underwater paint for steel and iron steamers and for wooden vessels. After years of activity, today, Boero Bartolomeo Spa is a group of international importance that through various brands and divisions is a market leader for painting products in three strategic sectors: architectural & decorative, marine, yachting.

Due to the marine experience, in the recent seventies the Yachting Division was created and, in line with the principles of protection and beauty, a complete range of specialty products was launched. 1983: following a considerable number of heavy duty tests, the superyacht paint system was developed, breaking throughout the market with an immediate consent. During 1991 the Yachting Division began the production of tin-free antifouling and strongly improved its strategies based on R&D, manufacturing, distribution and assistance. The quality of the products wins over the Italian shipyards, both for new-building and refitting projects, taking Boero towards a leadership position. The Quality System of the Company is certified according to the ISO 9000 standards.

The Yachting Division formulated a range of specific products which, used in combination with the basic system, allow to accelerate working time and to simplify painting procedures, with reduction of stock costs. This unique painting system, “5 or 7” coats, suitable for any type of support and part of the boat, is based on a limited number of items and tailored for the various shipyard and applicators needs, with particular care for health and environmental protection. The paint cycle has always accompanied the challenges of the greatest champions that have used the Boero cycle for years to maintain their highly technical boats that are always placed under the stressful weather conditions of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Yachting Division range includes over 300 items, for boat painting and maintenance. The first segment concerns primers and antirust products, extra-light fillers, undercoats, one- and two-pack enamels, tin-free long-life and self-polishing antifoulings, with reduced impact on the environment. The maintenance and repair range includes epoxy and polyester resins, specifics additives, glass fabrics, cleaners, technical equipment and accessories. An extremely wide range of products designed to meet any demand.

After the extraordinary growth in Italy and France, the Yachting Division enlarged its market through a highly effective international development strategy and the products are now available in over 20 countries. In the various areas particular attention is paid to advice and assistance, with expert service centres supported by Boero R&D technicians, among the most specialised in this field.
The very latest success of the team is supported by the ScanEye™: the digital system for codifying a standard procedure, reproducible and objectively comparable, to assess the finishing quality aspect of a coated surface.

The Yachting Division is constantly devoting significant resources in its search for advanced technologies, to achieve increasingly innovative and high performance products for the leisure marine markets. Scientific and methodological research, as well as the continuous endeavour of the research team of Boero to update technology, is tangibly expressed in the product line that combines extremely high performance with total correspondence to current regulations.
In addition, in order to satisfy the needs of large transoceanic yachts that require available paint cycles in each port, the Boero Group R&D laboratories are constantly committed in developing products for the protection of aluminum hulls, including self-polishing and long life antifouling, characterised by high performance without the use of tin-derivative substances.


Boero YachtCoatings has gained two strongly desired targets through its continuous technical research, organizational efforts, quality of products, service efficiency, constant application of the concept of values and the great passion for the sea:
• leadership in the Italian market for pleasure boats coatings;
• leadership for superyacht paint systems (Boero supplies all the Italian megayachts new building shipyards with a unique proposal, based on Epolight, the most performing high build epoxy filler, in two versions, Plus and Win).

Boero Yacht Paint file numbers over 700 superyacht projects carried out over the last 20 years.
A real and unique experience.

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