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Nanoprom is a company that produces and engineers products and applications; it also markets new products and systems on a sole-agency and non-sole-agency basis, and resells products in the assigned territories through local agents.
It is a young but already solid company supported by a network of important contacts and partnership; this is the result of the owner’s commitment to research and product quality assurance. Nanoprom works with CNR and other private laboratories.

Nanoprom, a young company which inaugurates an avant-garde sector, made its first steps in the nanotechnology world in 1997 with the marketing of products for global industries.
After working in close contact with multinationals all round the world, Nanoprom decided to create a solid structure with different divisions in 2006.

Many collaborations have made possible for Nanoprom to present itself on the market with innovative and often unique solutions for the treatment of surfaces with nanotechnologically advanced substances developed to solve the wide range of problems which would be otherwise difficult or impossible to solve with standard treatments.

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